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Clothing History and How-To's:
History of clothing:
3,000+ BC COTTON: Earliest use estimated between 3,000 BC to 5,000 BC. Worn by Egyptians earlier than 2,500 BC. Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin in 1793 revolutionized the processing of cotton. The development of the power loom in 1884 brought significant improvements and variations to cotton fabrics. Major producers: United States, Soviet States, China and India. Lessor producers include Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico Iran and Sudan.

The Truth about "Wholesale"...
A huge thing that's constantly misunderstood by people trying to start a home business on the Internet is the word Wholesale.

Some people think that working with real wholesale suppliers means that they will magically be able to sell products for less than anybody else on the planet, for ever and ever. They'll be the only one who ever gets such good prices, and they'll earn millions because no competition can touch them. They retire, and buy a big house in Beverly Hills, complete with a butler, and the whole works!

Then they realize they may actually have to compete with companies who have more buying power and get better prices, and suddenly the dream's over. They run around crying that the supplier is not a real wholesaler, and is a cheat. The sky is falling, and  all their dreams are being blown away by BAD people who 'falsely' claimed to be wholesalers. The fact is that they've realized a perfectly normal aspect of retail sales that they had not anticipated, and need to learn.

The term "wholesale" is relative, no matter who your distributor is or how you find them. What you get as a small business is a supplier's genuine "first level" wholesale price.

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Important Clothing Hang-Tag Info:
Think the hang tags aren't important? When buying apparel or other textile products, always read the hangtags, which provide information that help you to understand the real value of your purchase. It´s not just about price, but also about the perfomace and quality you are getting. Learn about some of the fabrics you may have heard about and that are making our lives better and more comfortable.

A.M.Y.® is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic treated yarn for clothing that provides anti-microbial protection against odors, discoloration and mildew.

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